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In a cookie-cutter, mass market world, it's refreshing and re-assuring that there still are craftspeople like Jack Ogle. For more than 30 years, Jack has been an accomplished cabinet/ furniture maker, woodworker and designer. However, his clients will tell you he's really an artist whose medium just happens to be wood.

Jack and his long time associate, Dave, are from a different age when pride, passion and artistry were more important than speed, mass production and the ole mighty buck. They don't work to get the job done, they work to create unique and beautiful wood objects of which the home owner can be proud.

If you're in the market for kitchen/bathroom cabinets, a home entertainment center or any array of home enhancements at surprisingly competitive prices, call Jack for an initial meeting. Working with Jack is as hassle-free as it gets. If your curious be sure to ask him about the life- size wooden motorcycle he built and carved for Willie G. Davidson.




Why settle when you can get exactly what you want? Oglewood Woodworking specializes in made-to-order woodworking and carpentry. They are limited only by your imagination: They can build a reproduction antique desk to match the one you remember in your grandparents home, create cabinetry made from mahogany, cherry or, in fact, any wood.

Over the years, they have cultivated a lasting relationship with boutique lumber mills and can get pretty much what you want. Need a cabinet to fit an unusual space? Not a problem.

Feeling adventurous? Hidden
compartments or secret safe rooms are a specialty.

Table and brick

Work Ethic

"We do what we say we're going to do when we say we're going to do it". Therefore, Jack's business has been built upon word of mouth. Because of this, they have the time to concentrate on the job at hand. Fortunately, it seems that business is always finding them.

If they say your job will start on such and such a date, it will. They discuss with you your expectations and then meet them. There are times when an initial start date may be slightly longer than they would like but their emphasis on quality dictates time frame. However, you can expect the same time commitment when they begin work for you. It is just not in their DNA to take short cuts.

References available upon request.

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Oglewood Woodworking Design

From bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, entertainment centers to custom made bars, shelving, fireplace mantels and much more, Oglewood Woodworking is only limited by your imagination.

We work one on one with you. Call for a free consultation. Have a budget? We respect it. Have a wild fantasy, we make it come true. Have a construction or remodel problem? We'll solve it.

Kitchen Island

This island is part of a total kitchen remodel.
Shown built-in dog dish, inset removable for future work space. Front bead board hides full length shelving, corner lathe turned columns, granite top. Unique custom features sets themapart from store bought cabinetry.

Spice Compartment

Roll out pantry built into kitchen island. Hidden compartments make great use of space. German-made full extension slides and hardware.

Country Kitchen


Cabinets with wine rack valance

These custom kitchen cabinets bring out the beauty
of natural wood design. Wine rack is incorporated in place of window valance to add functionality, convenience and makes a great conversational piece.

"Character Hickory" with its distressed look
reinforces the unique nature of this vanity. Built in compartment releases and elevates hand gun when hidden kick plate is utilized. A Granite counter top with raised copper sink adds the finishing touches.


As with all of my customers, after working for and with them, I create a bond and friendship that allows me to go the extra mile with my designs. Roy is one of those customers. In fact Roy wrote the opening for this web Site.

When I built his vanity, Roy instructed me to get creative. His only request was that it be built from character Hickory. He wanted a one of a kind piece of furniture. Something no one else had!  He is an eccentric bachelor and collects and appreciates unique items.

Knowing his favorite pistol is the Kimber 1911, I went to work and created this vanity with a hidden pop out compartment that would reveal his pistol when releasing a hidden switch. Not only does it hold a 1911, but I designed it so with a few changes to the counter weight and barrel support it will hold any pistol with a maximum barrel length of seven inches or smaller.

Roy had no idea what the finished vanity would look like. After installing this vanity I think Roy's initial reaction was; " What's so special about this?"  It didn’t take but a touch of a switch to change his opinion. I have since made several pop outs reviling not only pistols, but shot guns and riffles as well. 

Call us today and see what we can do for your home or business.

Sandy's Kitchens

Sandy's kitchen was a small and narrow Galley kitchen with a door on either end prior to design and construction. I removed existing cabinets and partial wall to open up the kitchen into the dinning area. The entire ceiling was also removed to install can, and pendulum lighting.

The cabinets are made of hard Maple with a Carmel stain. Notice the drawer above the range top. That is actually an exhaust fan. When pulled out, it lights automatically to illuminate the cook surface and the exhaust fan turns on.

There are extremely deep drawers constructed to hold special cook ware. All drawers were constructed with Dove tail joinery. The upper cabinets have a opaque glass, and are illuminated with a low luster L.E.D lighting. A desk was incorporated at the far end of kitchen. There is also a separate cabinet designed for Sandy's best friend and companion, Ernie, her loyal beagle.

The cabinets are toped with granite which wraps around into the dinning room for additional seating. All doors and drawer hardware were Blumm, a soft close system. The door and drawer pulls were from Hafele. The end result is a very warm and comfortable kitchen.


Sandy's Kitchen


Sandy's Kitchen


Sandy's Kitchen








Parker's Kitchen

Parkers kitchen was small and cramped with a island in the center and a in-house open flame grill on the back side of the fire place prior to design and construction. Paula was concerned that removing the island would take away her much needed countertop space being that she's an avid baker.

I removed the island and grill. This left a large opening in the back of her range top side of cabinetry Where the fire box was originally located. Note that the microwave and spice drawer fit flush with the back wall next to the range. I was able to insert these into the void, thus giving her extra counter space she normally wouldn't have had. She pulls them out of wall for easier access.

To compensate for the loss of her island there's a shelf over both the micro-wave and spice drawer for cook books. I also designed a pull out counter-top that went beyond the back of the cabinets into the void left when I removed the fire box. When this counter-top is pulled out it gives Paula an an additional 36" of counter surface that normally would have been lost. This pull out also has an opening in the back side so if she is pre-pairing food, she can just discard the scraps into the garbage can conveniently located below.

These naturally finished Cherry Cabinets (one of my favorite woods) are built as if the entire kitchen is one smooth flowing creation. There is no space that's not connected with either cabinetry or trim. Note how the Crown flows around the top of the kitchen, over the door and windows without any space between windows and cabinets.

The refrigerator is encompassed with a paneled cabinet providing additional storage above. I must mention after all this work was done! The most noticed piece was the dog ramp constructed for there miniature Pinchers. Notice the cherry by-fold doors on the far end of the kitchen.















Parker's Bathroom








Hidden surprises indicate that jack is not without a sense of humor.


Tracy's Kitchen